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November 23, 207:
The last two chassis that I will ever make are now up for auction on eBay. I want to thank everyone who has wondered if I was going to sell these chassis and emailed me about them. The auctions are starting at my cost to build them for the materials which is $55. They took me 4 hours to make each one. They originally sold for $75 for the set. they can both be found here
October 15, 2006:
I want to thank everyone that has supported Outcast Horizon to this point. I have gotten many emails asking if anymore parts will come for the Mini-T. I do have 2 chassis left that I will put up for auction in the near future, please do not email me asing when. I will post the info at a later time. Right now I am moving into making parts for full sized cars. I hope this goes well as I tread into unknown waters for me. Good luck to you all and wish me luck as well.

Sean Correia

May 14, 2006:
Well, its been a good run for me. I hope that everyone that got one of my chassis is happy with them. For those of you who have wanted one but have been holding off now is the time to get one. I had been running this business out of my Dads garage and now he is selling the house and moving from Santa Cruz CA to Brookings OR (about a 9 hour drive away). So by the end of the month I will lose most of the tools I need to make these chassis, along with my business license once the house is sold since it is tied to the adress. So what ever chassis I have left are it.

This is also why orders have been slow to go out lately. I have been scrambleing to pack stuff up, get my real truck back on the road and looking for a new place. I appologize to every one for orders being slow to ship out. I've been a little fried with packing, looking for a new place, putting my truck back to being road worthy along with working full time at my real job. Ill be holding onto a few chassis as spare parts incase any are needed. though so far no one has ordered a replacment chassis from me. I may one day later on down the road pick up where I left off, but right now that is not an option for me.

I wish everyone the best of luck in their future, and have fun with your hobbies.

Thanks for all your suport,
Sean Correia

April 19, 2006:
Listed a few more chassis.
April 13, 2006:
Was finaly able to get a couple more chassis ready for sale. More on the way.
April 8, 2006:
Sorry for the lack of updates. The last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy. I will have more chassis up for sale soon. Keep watching for more info.

March 22, 2006:
WOO!! Its my B-day today. Im 25! Any hoo, back to RC Stuff. The race chassis are preped and ready to go. Click here to see them. Will be shipping out #1 to the race today along with a few other parts. Good luck to you guys :)

March 15, 2006:
For those of you wondering about the regular chassis, it is in stock. I had to end the first listing early and relist it due to a problem when searching for chassis on ebay. Please follow the new link from the Mini-T Products page.

March 10, 2006:
For any interested in the race chassis send an email to with the topic "Race Chassis" and I will email you as soon as they go on sale and provide the link.

Sean Correia

March 8, 2006:
The Warthog chassis will be going back on sale at midnight tonight. :)

March 7, 2006:
Parts are in and I am building stock of completed chassis for sale. Got the kinks worked out of the new press and things are going so much faster production wise its crazy. The chassis should be up for order again tomorrow. Also, I will be making a very limited edition chassis. Limited to 5. These chassis will be made from lighter, thinner but stronger aluminum. I hope to have each one numbered. 4 will be put up for sale while Number 1 will be given as a prize at the 1/18th nationals. These chassis will only be available in aluminum.

Also, I will be releasing a more tradition two part chassis for the Mini-T. The main chassis will still be a tub like my one piece design. The advantage of this is for those of you who have wanted one of my chassis but had already invested in other parts my chassis replaced. This also allows me to make a lower bulkhead and steering set up that can be used on any Mini-T.

From this day on I will have 3 lines for the Mini-T. My original Chassis which will be known as the Warthog Chassis set. The 2 part Alpha Chassis and the Race chassis. Only 5 of which will be made from the 2024 Aluminum, more may be made from the regular 6061 Aluminum.

I'm also working on a few parts for the RC18T and Mini LST. Mostly small parts. Stay tuned for more details later on.

February 28, 2006:
Things are still backed up. Lost power for most of yesterday due to massive storm. I was unable to do much of anything with out power. Also had to redo some parts since they where not cut right but things are getting straitened out. All back orders will ship out tomorrow. I again thank everyone for having been so patient and supportive.
February 24, 2006:
Hey guys, sorry for the long wait. the last of the parts should be coming in today and I should be able to get back orders shipped out in the next couple of days. Sorry for the long wait. I will repost the order link once everything is up and running.

Sean Correia

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